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Established in 1973, The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation administers funds donated from corporations and individuals for the benefit of The Montreal Children’s Hospital. These donations go towards obtaining specialized equipment for the hospital, funding research on childhood diseases, and most importantly—supporting the academic development of the MCH’s talented young medical professionals in the medical field for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation

Leaders Making a Difference

The Young Leader’s Circle‘s ultimate mission is to make a positive impact on pediatric care in Quebec through creative fundraising. Its members have raised $375,000 over the last four years from previous editions of Dolce.

This year, proceeds will be allocated to the Craniofacial Surgery Department of the Montreal Children’s Hospital, to treat children with craniofacial anomalies (affecting the bones of the skull and face) and develop complex care plans for patients to offer each child the safest and most advanced surgical treatment possible. The families of children born with these anomalies can be confident that their child will be evaluated by a specialized pediatrician.

To learn more about the activities of this department, click here.

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